There’s still so much that we want to tell you about Gal Meets Glam Collection, better yet, show you! In due time, we’ll be revealing more glimpses of our dresses, but before then, we’re hoping to answer a few of the frequently asked questions we’ve been receiving...

What countries will you be shipping to?

We’re happy to announce that will be shipping internationally. We will ship to over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Where will I be able to buy the Collection?

The Collection will be available here on shop.galmeetsglam.com and available on one major retailer which will be revealed in April. Each brings something different to the table, creating multiple amazing ways to shop Gal Meets Glam Collection.

What sizes will the dresses come in?

All dresses will be available in Sizes 00 through 20. We wanted as many people as possible to be able to shop from our line so size inclusivity was something that was extremely important to us.

What’s the price range?

Our price point will start around $130 and go up to around $200. Our quality is incredible and we like to think these dresses are classic and timeless, so you will be adding a closet favorite when buying a Gal Meets Glam Collection dress.

What types of dresses?

There are dresses for a variety of occasions from day to cocktail. A dress for every day, a dress for every occasion. There are dresses for work, dresses you could wear as a wedding guest, date night dresses and more.

Will you only be selling dresses?

Yes, that’s the plan. We set off to do one thing and do it really, really well. Dresses are my passion, my favorite thing to wear and what I had a desire and dream to create.

Is this a limited edition or one time collection?

Gal Meets Glam Collection is a standalone brand. We will be launching new dresses every month with many of them being limited edition. We believe that this dress line is the future of Gal Meets Glam. Our plan is build this into a business that you can continue to rely on for your dose of feminine, classic style.

Be sure to follow along on our IG account @galmeetsglam as we’ll be revealing details of each dress once we hit our one month countdown on March 21st!

Mar 12, 2018

After the Photoshoot

As you might have noticed on our Instagram (@galmeetsglam), this past week we completed a 6 day photoshoot for our first month of dresses. It was a ton of hard work, involving months of preparation, very early morning call times and long shoot days. As I type this I’m taking a break between editing the photos from the shoot, so my eyes definitely needed a rest. For this pre-launch preview I wanted to give you a little more info about the behind the scenes.

When thinking about where to do the photoshoot for our April delivery, Charleston was the first place that came to mind and we never wavered from it. So many things about Charleston made it the right place. Not only is Charleston our new-ish hometown but aesthetically, it’s one of the most magical places in America. The city is full of colors that fit so well with this collection. Another unique aspect of Charleston is you get a sense of stepping back in time, especially downtown and at the historical properties we shot at. That was important to capture because so many of our designs are inspired by vintage fabrics and silhouettes. And for a dresses shoot in February, few places in the US rival the weather conditions that we have. We got really lucky all week with 80 degree weather and blossoming flowers all over the city.

We have an extremely high standard for our creative work and it was amazing seeing my ideas for the shoot come to life. It would have been easy to allow the stress of the importance of the shoot build up to a point that was crippling, but we had the help of our Gal Meets Glam team and an incredible Art Director, Jen Kay, who all helped make it a seamless, wonderful experience. I can’t wait to share more with you over the next coming weeks but for now, enjoy some of these photos from the shoot.

Feb 26, 2018

Here's a quick video preview of our April collection...

Last week we had our first e-commence shoot for the collection and this week, we have our first editorial/lifestyle shoot. It’s been amazing seeing the dresses come to life in front of the camera. I’ve been wearing my samples all around the house, just waiting until the day I can walk down the street with one on. To give you a peek at what we’ve been doing, we put together a quick video with a glimpse of some of the dresses from our April collection. Enjoy!

Can't see the video? Click here to view it directly.

I’ve shared a bit about why I’m starting Gal Meets Glam Collection and what inspired it, but today I’m excited to give a peek at some of our April design sketches. I’m sharing three of my most favorite dresses, which will hopefully give you a better sense of what to expect from the brand. As you know, the collection is only dresses. In creating this new brand I set off to do one thing right and do it really well. It was never even a question about what it would be, of course it was dresses.

Instead of launching a new collection each season, we’re doing things a little differently by coming out with a new collection each month. Yes, new dresses every single month! That’s a lot of dresses to design and a majority of my time as creative director has been dedicated to it. It’s been without a doubt, the most rewarding experience. It’s challenging and exciting and feels so, so right. I knew nothing about the design process going into it, but had “designs” and ideas swirling around in my mind for years. I am lucky to work with two amazing people who I wouldn’t be able to do this collection without- one is our head designer and the other is our director of fabric r&d. Together, the three of us make up our ‘design team’ and work super close together. They’ve become like family to me and I’m so lucky to have them- they’ve taught me so much!

Our design process starts with two of the most important factors: fabrics and silhouettes. We start with each independently. Each month we come up with a plan for the types of fabrics and prints that we want and then decide on how to pair those fabrics with our favorite silhouettes for the season. Our head designer is an amazing illustrator and has the most beautiful sketches. I love describing an idea to her and seeing it come to life on paper. We spend hours and hours and hours doing this. We’ll erase and go back, then change a detail and go back again, then change our mind about the length and go back again...until it’s just right. I remember seeing one of our first samples being pinned and made on a dress form, it was an emotional experience. When it was done and I saw the finished product, I actually cried. They were tears of pure joy to see an idea that’s been living in my mind for years, finally come to life, was indescribable.

To get a better sense of each of these dresses that we’re giving you a peek of, I’m sharing a bit more about each one below...

1. Hanna Dress

How did you come up with the name for the dress?

I was inspired to name this dress after our graphic designer, she’s done all of our branding and website, Hanna, who is one of the chicest people I know. I showed her this dress and she loved it so much, so I named it after her.

What was the inspiration for this dress?

This is one of my favorite dresses in the collection and one of the first we designed. I was very adamant about creating a really simple cotton dress that felt elevated from others that I already have in my closet. The self-tied statement bow around the neck takes it to a whole new level.

Is there a particular detail that you love?

I love the accentuated puffed shoulder with the button details, it really makes the dress feel vintage. It also has pockets!

When would you wear this dress?

To me, this is an everyday dress. I would add a blazer over it and let the bow pop out over that or wear as-is. We made this one in pink and white.

2. Tyler Dress

How did you come up with the name for the dress?

I wanted the names of each dress to be after women I look up to and am inspired by, whether that be in my family, a close friend or prominent figure. My entire childhood was spent with my cousins since we all were so close in age, we are lucky to have so many wonderful memories together. The silhouette and shape of this dress makes me think of my cousin Tyler.

What was the inspiration for this dress?

It was important to me to have a few fitted and dressier pieces in the collection and this is one of them. The fabric is incredible and has a slight stretch to it, making it so flattering.

Is there a particular detail that you love?

Again, the bow detail that is constructed at the top half of the dress. It’s not an obvious bow when you see it in person, which I love.

When would you wear this dress?

I would wear this for a dressier date night, a wedding or any occasion that allows cocktail attire.

3. Judith Dress

How did you come up with the name for the dress?

This dress is named after my mom, Judith. She is a classic beauty and has such a natural femininity and timelessness, so this dress reminds me of her.

What was the inspiration for this dress?

A classic shirt dress has always been one of my favorite styles to wear and I knew I wanted to include at least a few in the collection. This one is a lovely midi length, which I think is universally flattering and so elegant.

Is there a particular detail that you love?

The bow ties on the cuff of the sleeve. Whenever I can add a bow somewhere, I do. Even if it’s in the smallest way.

When would you wear this dress?

This is an anytime and anywhere type dress. I would wear it to work, meetings, on the weekend and even dressed up with heels at night. It all depends on what accessories I pair with it.

Jan 29, 2018

A First Look

Wearing dresses isn’t just about the fabric or cut, it’s about the feeling I get when I wear one. From the moment I slip it on, style and sophistication become effortless. My workday or date-night is instantly romanticized by the confidence I feel walking out the door.

That ready-for-anything confidence is something I want all women to feel. So when I set out to create this collection, I envisioned a line of dresses that would truly take you places.

My inspiration came from my love of travel and adventure, but mostly from what I found missing in the market. It shouldn't be difficult to find feminine dresses that inspire.

Our April collection works to change that. We present a modern line that pushes past trendy to celebrate classic sophistication, feminine elegance and romantic details. It's thoughtfully designed to make you want to wear dresses daily.

This preview gives you a glimpse of the inspiration, color palettes, prints and fabric details from our first collection. Stay tuned as we continue to reveal more while we move closer to our launch on April 20th.

Jan 1, 2018